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"Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence."

The opening line to Desiderata and also my philosophy for life because these words really strike a chord with me.  For me they are about being observant and listening; taking notice of what is going on around you and thinking before you speak.  And, as much as I try to apply them to my life in general, they also apply well to working in the Real Estate Industry.

I do regard myself as an observer and from a young age, I had my sights set on a career as a journalist.  Real Estate wasn't even an option.  I guess you could say the industry picked me.  I was born and grew up in the Northwest town of Port Hedland and after unsuccessfully securing a spot at University I still insisted on moving to the big city.  After numerous knockbacks in just about every other industry, I applied for a receptionist position at a Real Estate firm in Subiaco.

It was in this position that I quickly learnt how much being observant and attention to detail are an integral part of working in Real Estate when I had to perform my first end of month Owner payout via a training manual because both the Property Managers called in sick!

It wasn't long after this that I completed my own Property Management registration and took over a portfolio of my own.  I was 19.

Fast forward twenty or so years and here I am, still very much involved in Property Management, although I now also hold my Sales Registration.

The last 10+ years have been spent working here at Ray White Swan City and my husband and I bought a share in the company in May 2012.  Working alongside my fellow two friends and Directors, Sylvia and Gerry, my primary role is now to offer Administrative support to both our Sales and Property Management teams and manage the Trust Account (including still performing the monthly payout to Owners).

So, there must be something in Real Estate as a career after all.  I guess it's a bit like the red dirt of the Northwest.  As much as you might try to get away from it or wash it out, it sticks to everything.  It gets in your blood.

I encourage passion, enthusiasm, integrity and consistency and I like to think that each day I work on delivering this to our customers and clients.

Outside of work, I love the serenity of our home and acreage in the Hills.  There is always something to do around the block and I'm also kept busy with our four (4) dogs and I get a lot of enjoyment out of cooking for, and entertaining family and friends when time permits.


  • 2007 - Best Front Desk Operator
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